• 2016-01-27
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Q:What is Employability?
A:MCU Employability is a standard used to evaluate self-preparation before entering the job market.

Q:How to cultivate employability in students?
A:Students can cultivate employability by participating in career counseling-related programs and activities (excluding class-based assessment), off-campus business visits or an off-campus business internship program, and obtain verification by the Career Planning and Counseling Division.

Q:Can students obtain verification of employability through an internship arranged directly by themselves with the company?
A:Yes, if the internship unit can provide the relevant documentation of internship, such as internship certificate and internship schedule to the Career Planning and Counseling Division, they can obtain verification of employability.

Q:Why did I not pass the standard for Employability, even though I participated in a business visit held by my department or as a part of a course?
A:Please confirm with your Department if the business visit held by the Department or that arranged by the faculty member for your course is included in the range of employability or not. If yes, please ask the responsible faculty member to submit the roster of the participants, date and time and venue to the Career Planning and Counseling Division for obtaining verification of employability.